I am happy to now be able to share you doTERRA essential oils with you. doTERRA is a world wide company providing us Certified 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

These essential oils have completely changed my families life for the better. Our medicine cabinet now consists of essential oils and plasters, thats about it. There is an oil that can be used to help most health conditions, from a common cut through to cancer.

Because the oils are so pure and potent you need very little for the desired outcome. You can use the the oils aromatically, topically, and most internally.

doTERRA sells single oils, blends, vitamins and minerals, supplements, body products, cleaning product, and diffusers to list a few.

you can view the full doTERRA range at mydoterra.com/atawhaifarm

If you are wanting advise or help with what oils would be best for you and your family contact us. ..we are happy to help.

TO ORDER you can either contact Atawhai Farm and we can help you order the products you need or want. Or you can order directly from mydoterra.com/atawhaifarm and your products will be posted straight to you.

OR from mydoterra.com/atawhaifarm you can click on 'JOIN & SAVE' and by doing so you will need to purchase an Enrollment pack of AU$30 then you will be able to receive a wholesale price from then on saving 25% on each order you make.

FROM signing up you then have the opportunity to join the LOYALTY REWARD PROGRAMME (LRP) where you can get FREE products each month and earn points from everything you buy which can be used next order for more FREE products.

AND through joining it also gives you the opportunity to share doTERRA with others to help them live a healthier life. You can also establish it into a busienss venture for youself and family.

I will help you on your doTERRA journey so get in contact if you have any questions, and soon as you sign up and enroll I will be intouch to show you how to get started.