The definition of 'Atawhai' means "pure - keeping things the way they were when they were first created."  Our first child we named Atawhai and saw it fitting that we named our business Atawhai Farm, because our goat milk soap is also a 'pure' natural product.

Atawhai Farm is situated near Amberley in Canterbury, New Zealand.

We own a small farm where we run Saanen goats, Wiltshire sheep, chickens, kunekune pigs and dogs.

Our venture started about 4 years ago when our son could only tolerate goat milk. When we moved to our farm we decided to get Saanen milking goats so our son and family could enjoy the milk. This was the best move we ever made, because we all loved and thrived on the goat milk. The extra bonus was that we fell in love with the goats, and how much fun the they are to have on our farm. Every goat has their own personality and they are full of character. The goats love getting lots of attention and cuddles especially from our children.

We milk our goats by hand every day and spend a great amount of time with them.

Before moving to our farm I was already buying goat milk soap for the family, so I already knew how amazing it was. Therefore after a short while I was interested in trying to make goat milk soap myself for the family. I went to a local 'goat milk soap making' course to learn how to make it, and well ....since then I haven't looked back